We Recommend Roof Repair in Edmonds if You Notice These Problems

Depending on its condition, you might be able to tell whether your roof merely requires minor repairs or has to be totally replaced. The following is a summary of some of the most frequent problems that call for roof repair. When it’s time to schedule residential roof repair in Edmonds or the surrounding Seattle areas, give Crown Roofing a call.

Old, Worn-out Gutters
The primary function of gutters is to carry rainfall from your roof to the ground without damaging your home. Gutter damage can result from ice dams in the winter and obstructions at other times of the year. The gutter may be forced away from the fascia by the weight of the ice dam, producing a gaping hole where water will seep.

Gutters can eventually fill with debris, making them ineffective at carrying water to the downspouts. To combat this, the ideal option is to install gutter guards or meshing, but for maximum effectiveness, make sure to clean the gutters often.

Roof Gaps
Deterioration will occur quickly if your roofing system includes open holes, gaps between roof pieces, or rips in the membrane. Water is a roof’s biggest enemy since it can enter a house and result in mold issues. Call a specialist to inspect your roof if you haven’t done so recently.

Poor Ventilation
Airflow is required for the attic to stay cool and dry. The moist, damp air will make your roof’s trusses and decking spongy, which will eventually cause it to sag. Once wood rot has started, it cannot be stopped without fully removing the roof and trusses. Install vents at the gables, ridges, and roof edges to give your home the maximum amount of airflow and to maintain a cool, dry attic all year long.

Residential Roof Repair in Edmonds
Throughout the lifespan of a roof, it is not unlikely for roof repairs to be necessary due to age or harsh weather. We offer scheduled and emergency roof repair in Edmonds and the surrounding areas for shingle, wood shake, and flat roof homes. We work quickly to fix roof leaks, loose shingles, damaged fascia or soffits, old gutters, and other roofing issues. Give us a call at (425) 532-4001 to schedule immediate roof repair service with our nearby roofing company.

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