Our Edmonds Contractors Inspect Commercial Roofs

Because most commercial roofs are flat and have a large surface area, they are more vulnerable to damage. As a result, commercial roofs should be professionally inspected at least twice a year. Below, we go into greater detail about what our experienced contractors do during an assessment. When your commercial roof needs a professional inspection in Edmonds or the surrounding Seattle areas, give  Crown Roofing  a call.

Starting Inside

The interior space beneath the roof will be investigated initially. This is because any damage to the inside roof will reveal the location of the exterior issues. If moist spots are discovered in the building’s interior, we will know where to look for exterior damage. A qualified contractor will use this information to pinpoint the leak when examining the external part of the roof.

Exterior Inspections

The contractor will analyze the roof from the outside after determining which sections require additional inspection. Furthermore, we will look for different types of damage such as holes, water flow, and water pooling.

Roof cores, which are samples of the strata of the roof, are typically taken by the inspector. A core sample offers information about the state of the strata. The core sample may tell if your roof needs immediate replacement or if a temporary fix will suffice.

Commercial Roof Inspections in Edmonds

A thorough inspection report is provided following the conclusion of the assessment. Our roofing experts can provide you with options for repairs or, if necessary, a roof replacement, depending on the severity of the damage.

At Crown Roofing, we love being able to help other regional businesses with their flat roofing and pitched roofing needs. By offering a variety of great roofing products, including single-ply membrane roofing, commercial cedar shake roofing, and commercial shingle roofing, we are sure to have the right material for your building. From commercial roof repair to full re-roofs and new construction roofing, we’ve got your project covered. Give us a call at 425-712-7663 to schedule your free quote for the cost of commercial roofing in Edmonds, Seattle, or the surrounding communities.

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